Our Story

Hi there! We’re David and Kat Lynn, and we’ve been bringing you unique, inspiring jewelry handmade by artisans around the world.

We believe that the jewelry you wear sends a message about who you are...

... and that you should be the one who decides what that story should be.

In The Beginning...

Some jewelry sings to you... but when I found my first piece of magical jewelry, it was like a siren song of beautiful music that set my heart - and my imagination - on fire.

I was spellbound.

Wearing that tiny piece of art on my finger every day made me feel that anything was possible. That life was full of love, wonder, energy and beauty.

It was then that I decided every woman deserves the chance to connect with who they really are... to rekindle that special place deep inside of them that knows they are beautiful and unique.


At The Unique Orchid, we’re passionate about helping local artisans and manufacturers achieve their dreams by doing what they love most. 

Our designs originate from artisan traditions in places such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and South America. We also partner with independent artists across the U.S.

The result? 

Unique Orchid jewelry that inspires you to step out of the mundane and into a world of magic and adventure.


"I’m more than pleased with this necklace.  I received mine, and ended up coming back to order one for a friend. I highly recommend!"

"I like it very much, after got mine I ordered the black one as well. Thank you."

"Delightful feminine hair clip, very dainty and looks great twinkling in my hair as I move, will be looking for others in the future with The Enchanted forest"

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The Things You Wear Tell Your Story.

Make Yours a Magical One.